Hidden story of Robert Kuok – Malaysian Cronies get rich by the 10s of billions, but Malaysia losses 200 billion in Investment

Some friends have requested translation for the 忠政快讯’s piece on Sugar King Robert Kuok’s history. Thanks to Google translate with a slight correction.

Hidden story of Robert Kuok

0302_robert-kuok_320x181Recently, the government offended Robert Kuok, as a result, the Malaysian economy suffered great blow! After the official Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to Malaysia, the Najib government now really understands Robert Kuok’s influence on China!

In order to benefit their cronies, they arm twist to swallow Robert Kuok’s sugar empire. The cronies get richer by 10s of billions, but it caused a national loss of more than 200 billion! Those who has insider info can only curse: PKHKC it!

Malaysia sugar king left forced to leave Malaysia, but became the world’s sugar king! He bought the world’s largest sugar mills in Australia, invested USD10 billion, It is the world’s largest sugar cane sugar refining industry, living up to the name of the world’s sugar king.

On the other hand, the Malaysia government benefited cronies at the expense of national interests. For those who know the insiders info, Kuok offered much help to the Malaysian government in the past few decades, he had done everything possible; but what the government did was like what you will get when you turn over a pig stomach: feces. In other words, Najib Government is UNGRATEFUL!

In the “Confidential” news, is about the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to Malaysia recently, it hit a snag with Najib.

Prior to Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to Malaysia, Najib and his cabinet on more than one occasion, hinted that he hoped China will double the amount of palm oil with Malaysia.
We all know that China is the largest consumer of palm oil from Malaysia. Rapid economic rise in the recent years, China became the largest palm oil market for Malaysia, but Malaysia is also strong competition from Indonesia, trying to sell palm oil at lower prices to China and India, diluting Malaysian market share. This is most worrying got Najib.

Najib hoped to sign a new palm oil trading contracts with Premier Wen Jiabao to sign in order to more than double the average 10 million tonnes monthly exports to China. But Wen Jiabao came to a Malaysia, told Najib, it is impossible. It was an utter disappointment.

Najib knows the Chinese market demand. Even to import one million tonnes of palm oil monthly, is not a problem. So, where is the problem?

The problem lies: Sugar Kuok does not agree!

Why Sugar King Kuak was able to influence China’s decision to buy Malaysian palm oil?

Who is the monopoly of Chinese national oil market? China national oil market leader is “Arowana oil” cooking oil, accounting for nearly 40%! The Arowana oil cooking oil boss, is Robert Kuok!

Think about it, Premier Wen Jiabao on behalf of the Chinese government to buy Malaysian palm oil. Who is to refine it into cooking oil? Of course, it is the privatized enterprises! With 40% market share, if Arowana oil cooking oil company refuse the supply, how the Chinese government going to utilize the supply?

Najib was insensibly from the outset, and did not know Kuok has such big influence with China. He had helped cronies, forced Robert Kuok to give up the Malaysian sugar king throne, and didn’t expect to have such quick retribution

Kuok was forced to leave Malaysia, the heart is of course very unhappy. People of Malaysia must know, during the early days of Malaysia, we do not have aviation professionals, the BN government requested Kuok’s father to help set up Malayan Airways.

1970 Malaysian maritime shipping industry is also a vacuum, the Malaysian government sent representatives to Hong Kong to personally invite Kuok’s help. Kuok for national development, he put aside the Group’s business, came back to Malaysia to assist the Government to establish a national maritime shipping industry, this has the later MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COPERATION, referred to as MISC.

Robert Kuok was a big help when Malaysia was repeatedly faced economic difficulties. Even MCA Tan Koon Swan’s case, it was Robert Kuok who paid the bail! Malaysia successive governments, from BN to the National Front, owed Robert Kuok hell lot. But the Malaysian Government was ungrateful, using the hard arm twisting excuse to forcefully take over Kuok’s empire. This is not ungrateful?

Deng Xiaoping made a comeback in the 70s, announced China’s reform and needed most generous help of overseas Chinese entrepreneurs; Robert was first to take actions to help Deng. Among the entrepreneurs of Chinese economic miracle are Henry Fok and Li Ka-shing Hong Kong. Malaysian entrepreneur Robert Kuok is the first to response of Deng Xiaoping in Beijing and built China’s first five-star hotels: Shangri-La!

With over 30 years of deep relationship with the Chinese government and leadership, Kuok has great influence. Najib failed to foresee that. This is why the quote at the start of this post : “For the interests of their cronies, they arm twisted to take over Kuok’s Sugar Empire, cronies get rich by the 10s of billions, but it caused a national loss of more than 200 billion!”

Kuok’s sugar empire was eaten by the fat vampire’s family abruptly. Imagine, a world renowned international trade business personality, what humiliation he received in return for his single-minded help all this while for his own country & government? And Najib would never think the consequences of offending the Sugar King will be so so serious.

Right after Sugar King left Malaysia, he immediately announced the acquisition of Australia’s biggest sugar factory. This is the world supplier of raw material for sugar manufacturing. Of course, this includes supplying to the family of the fat vampire woman’s Sugar factory in Perlis.

Early this year, Kuok announced plans to invest USD 10 billion in Indonesia for development of the world’s largest sugar cane growing areas, as well as advanced refinery. The world economic was facing downturn, the Malaysian government travel around the world to solicit investment. How much was Malaysia foreign investment? Kuok’s single investment in Indonesia is equivalent to as USD10 billion dollars! Don’t you want to screw the couple: PKHKC!?

At the moment, Kuok’s take towards China’s palm oil contract with Malaysia was to remain with the agreed terms. There won’t be any increase. Indonesia has more palm oil than Malaysia. It is cheaper too. Now that Kuok had invested so much money in Indonesia, the Government of Indonesia would have treated him as their God of Wealth. Certainly, open to negotiate anything with him. Moreover, Indonesia has been eyeing to take over the China palm oil supply contract from Malaysia.

The CONSOLATION China gave in return for not increasing the purchase of palm oil was buying frozen durian. Do the Chinese people have the habit of eating durian it? How much time and effort needed to market frozen durian from Malaysia? Thai durian may not sell well in China, let alone Malaysia frozen durian?

Business is business, who would supply millions of dollars’ worth of frozen durian into a brand new market with no durian eating habits? Should the Chinese people is not receptive of it. How to deal with return stocks? A total lost with capital. Is this how to do business? Do not be silly!

Earlier this year, when the news hit the papers about Kuok announced to invest USD 10 billion in Indonesia. Many criticized Kuok for unpatriotic, preferring to take so much money in Indonesia instead of Malaysians. What an injustice! You have arm twisted to take over other people’s empire, forcing Kuok to leave Malaysia in much hurt & humiliation; now that Kuok ignore Malaysia market, and you have to criticize him?

For him to bring his huge investment to Australia & Indonesia instead of Malayia, who is to be blamed?

Incidentally, Kuok is not just Chinas’ hotelier, king of cooking oil, the world’s sugar King; he is also the patent owner of coca cola soft drink brand in the Chinese market. Kuok involved in a diversity of businesses in China. He created many job opportunities for China. The Chinese central government and leaders have great respect for an entrepreneur. He spoke a word, the weight will never lower than some foreign leaders.

So far, Kuok is the only one who never accepts the honors of the Malaysian Royal Malaysian entrepreneurs. Many people address him as “Tan Sri Robert Kuok,” In actual fact, he did not have these honors, he doesn’t need those honors. To put the record straight, he neither “Tan Sri” nor “Dato”.

source by 忠政快讯

Robert Kuok Interview (5th Jun 2011)



91 thoughts on “Hidden story of Robert Kuok – Malaysian Cronies get rich by the 10s of billions, but Malaysia losses 200 billion in Investment

  1. Wang Gee Kiang says:

    We must continue to do our part n pray that chance will come . Solute to u Robert Kuok for your contribution to Malaysia . Wang Mang

  2. Truth Seeker says:

    Asean Economic community is coming and shall be implemented in 2015, please try to transform yourself from where you are to become the new WORLD-CLASS PUTRA if you want to live a successful and happy life-style for your self and your loved one.

    What happen to ROBERT KUOK is very unfortunate but do you think about your own economy for yourself and your loved ones.

    WAKE UP AND TRANSFORM YOURSELF TO BE WORLD-CLASS IN WHAT EVER YOU DO as Asean market shall be 600 millions people and Malaysia only contribute the minority of 30 Millions.

    Malaysians must be united to succeed as ONE. Do not fight among yourself if Malaysians want to win in the ASEAN FINANCIAL GAMES

  3. thyesonn says:

    Yes Koid. I agree with you.
    40 years ago RM1.10 is about Sin 1
    Than our RM keep going down until today.
    Never have a chance to go up even against the Thai baht.
    So what is 10 million tonnes monthly exports. RM keep going down.
    No benefit to Malaysian going for a holiday. If you are planning for a holiday, better go now. If not a sandwich will cause RM100. Now is already RM50 in some country.

  4. kaki song says:

    Please do not group all Malays the same as “UMNO” Malays.

    Are you the same as the MCA Chinese? I am a Chinese and I am NOT.

    Apologies to my Malaysian Malay brothers and sisters on behalf of the stupid RACIAL remarks. Thank you.

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  6. Fosc says:

    Everything comes with a stories. What ever have passed is gone and vice versa. What is most important now is to look ahead. Malaysia will never progress to compete with others if the present government policy remains. What’s the point if you are no 1 in your class and your total average score are below 50% compare to if you are last in your class and your total average score are 90%. In order for a country to progress, you need brilliant foresight, ideas, imagination, plan, strategies, knowledge etc etc but instead of it, our leaders are brilliant with excuses. Running a country is just like managing a company. If you have lousy director, sure it will wind up if proper plan are not carefully created.
    When a country select leaders basing on quantity instead of quality, what do you expect?
    With this kind of mentality, even for the rest of years to come, we will be even further behind others countries. We are bless because we have natural resources but natural things don’t last forever unless we replenish them with ideas instead of just harvesting on it.
    Be open minded to accept constructive criticism rather than a closed mind that leads us no where.
    Finally, if we don’t select the best out of best but instead the opposite, then, we will always hear this phrase: MALAYSIA BOLEH. Boleh apa?

  7. Robin Omar says:

    Ummo and Barisan Nasional fu**er bapok ayam stupid idiot, how many Myanmar Rohingyas and Bulgarian Turks suffer everyday, Malaysia goverment willing to ignore them…

  8. Deadman says:

    For the fact that someone mention about he injecting billions to Johor during the PRU, yeah.. u have totally forgotten where he was from and where was his family living.. His family all living in Johor Bahru which is the capital states of Johor. The investment he injected was to acquire a business cakes from the Iskandar region where it was nearby Legoland, Hello Kitty Land and most international campus. The Traders hotel ady launch here, so why not his Shangri -La hotel and his residential apartment being here.. his investment and his foresight in looking at the development where he can see the potential.. just I can say it was coincidential time he injecting the money or I believe it was the Umporno cronies who run out of idea of what they contributed before except damage, drag him into this and boast to the world that Robert stand on their side by investing. Will Robert cares or standout to clarified.. no.. he was a camera shy man where he done thing his way and he wont give a damn fuck to any party.. So now, does it clarifies to u all about his investment.. And to all Cronies doggies… the present gov is a fucking retards.. please dun retards urself by blindly following wat ur master said.. It dangerous for a blind mind people as when u realise u can feel or see thing, it was when u landed into a deep SHIT.

  9. George says:

    When our country needs him, he gracefully come forward and help out and i am sure we too are grateful, but our country is exporting brains and only those with fucking brains stay put at home!!

  10. “1970 Malaysian maritime shipping industry is also a vacuum, the Malaysian government sent representatives to Hong Kong to personally invite Kuok’s help. Kuok for national development, he put aside the Group’s business, came back to Malaysia to assist the Government to establish a national maritime shipping industry, this has the later MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COPERATION, referred to as MISC.”

    Sorry MISC was established by using the reparations paid by Japan.

    Please get your facts right.

  11. i’m sure what the goverment did to him, he has done it to counrtless other businessman hence the ability to hold on to the sugar king status for so long…this is what they call business and all about business,,why the talk about loyalty and betrayal when its about business..if he is such a great businessman, he should be able to defend his empire and not lose it

    • Be stupid rather than ignorant says:

      So naive about business politics, learn faster son. Out Gomen changed policies so oftenly, they even swallowed up many Taiwanese businesses!

    • Elly says:

      Perhaps we learn from the current government of Malaysia the true business skills to professionally win a ‘take-over’. Could be the world-class case study for business schools.

  12. japankiller says:

    For me i think he is just a businessman, what seems more important to him is his empire of business and money. He wouldn’t be interested on politic. where ever could help him to increase his wealth, he would be there to help. Look at what happen when election come and he promised to inject funding to Johor as to help BN on winning.
    Do you think he never give corruption to BN government? and that is the way he doing business, and one day he sure will be back if BN give him some benefit.
    Stop making him relating to politics. And his story does not help to win the vote.

    Do you know that in Perlis, Felda no longer would grow sugar cane? so where this raw material we going to get from? IT IS AUSTRALIA, and who own this raw material in Australia. You guy figuring out, But why government rather to buy from Australia but give up grow in Perlis?

  13. Rocco says:

    Much of this is true.

    Chinese will grow stronger because we are used to helping ourselves.

    Doesn’t matter where we are we prosper.

    What BN is doing now, is delaying the inevitable.

    Malaysia will be ruled by the Chinese and that is a fact.

    All other ethnicity should learn the Chinese language and learn the Chinese culture.

    Chinese will consider having a non Chinese in their circle of they were so stupid and have a firm understanding of the Chinese culture.

    It is written by historians, Chinese never colonized any countries. They know their culture is superior and others will want to follow it.

    History shows that every country in SEA ruled with China’s blessing. Without China’s blessing the ruler is illegitimate.

    Brunei belongs to china because the real sultan decided to stay in china and died there. Matter of time china will claim Brunei from the imposter.

    • Cyt says:

      The Chinese have no ethics. They are known copy cats and will kill their own for money. That’s their so called superior culture. What a disgrace. It is for this fact that they will never achive whatever you said. Keep dreaming china man!

      • daniel says:

        v few business have totally clean hands, so dont think the malay business men have any better ethics, perhaps even worse than the chinese in msia. What is clear is that the chinese worked hard ,v hard to achieve their financial goals.,At least they work their guts out. But the malays in msia, only sucked on the people, just waiting for handouts.When have they ever worked hard? How many malay business men have got rich the proper way? and how many of them have happily accepted all these handouts while their fellow chinese and indians are discriminated and many impoverished..Tell me ONE clean malay businessmam, and if you do, tell me how he got a start. One thing we can say is that any rich malay man is VERY LIKeLY to be tainted through corruption in some ways, and they call these favours!!!

  14. Simon tai says:

    Wat the fuck of this umno cronies. Screw ppl business and force to leave Malaysia. If I’m rich like Robert kuok, I will do more harmful things to Malaysia hahaha. Support Robert kuok

  15. Nevets says:

    Guys and ladies, lets not be blinded by the comments, go buy a book about robert kuok, and you will see the details by yourselves.

    I agree with the

    facts 1: Malaysia PM help some guys to eat up the sugar industry in Malaysia by using EPF and other investment funds.

    Facts 2: Malaysia is starting to import sugar instead of growing it’s own since 2011 (read the news)

    Facts 3: Gardenia bread was owned by Robert Kuok, but was eaten up by Malaysia political links company and now… the price of the bread has increase to RM 3.20 but competitive brands still stay on RM 2.50.

    Facts 4: I can’t quote correctly what Mr. Robert Kuok has mention in some of the books I’ve read about him, It’s about something is about you plan further for the long term society gains instead of short term gains

  16. Have you lived in China before? Have you seen Chinese in China bought Thai durian? Do you know much much Thai durian sold in China? Do you think the general consumers in China are all low IQ? They have their own choice to choose which cooking oil and they know how bad or good is durian. Do you think Chinese in China would be influenced by their government to choose which cooking oil to eat?

  17. Don Karaokee says:

    Well said daryl…it is not about being ungrateful etc…it is all about business..this article is ridiculous..this article only show how crap the capitalist free market system is…

  18. Shameer says:

    I think yall reading sources are from the source that produced by the same man who created the problem,scenario, differen stories & get into different articles from bloggers. Hope you guys have watch this movie called ‘The International’ . One old man said , “circumstances can always be arranged”. Guys, thats where we’re all living right now.

  19. daryl e says:

    Robert Kuok is no hero or king , just another shrewd biznessman … when you have all the money u can do & demand anything.. If he cares about you guyz in Malaysia he wouldn’t have penalized the bunch of govt guys coz it affects the millions of citizens like u & me.. China don’t care a shit of his say versus the lower price of palm oil in Indonesia which larger than Malaysia thus cheaper .. its business .. just business .. Just like the cronies in the government , any govt , any party .. And he doesn’t need to be a PM coz he has that money to make more .. being a PM will not have him worshipped & idolized ,,, being the Sugar King is

    • DF says:

      I agree with you, one doesn’t get the kind of wealth he has without having a few skeletons in the closet. But I still think he did the right thing. Do you think business to Malaysia will benefit the people at the moment? It will just be used to fund BN’s dirty politics and give them more money to bribe people during election. Not to mention, most of the money will end up in the pockets of cronies.

    • TSK says:

      Probably u dun even understand the meaning of ungrateful. You would be doing the same thing if you were him. He has done much in the past to help Malaysian economy and now being treated that way when he is no longer required. Who is the ungrateful one.

    • Gerfunky says:

      Ungrateful just like all of us Chinese, Indians, Orang Aslis and Eastern Malaysian tribes right? Stop being such a tool. Wake up and see what your government is doing to you

    • Alvin Choo says:

      did you read full article ? do you understand english ? who is the 1 unfaithfull 1st….kawan tak boleh jadi turn the pig stomath is shit… is in his dialog..

    • Aiman says:

      ungrateful? His sugar business was robbed by the government. Get your fucking facts rights and get your fucking brain to work. think again brainless fucktard.

    • seriously dude? thats why la dude, only know how to eat durian. robert kuok contributes so much to you and u call him ungrateful? kill yourself. your kind like BN, are the pest to malaysia. like fat maggots.

    • U.C. says:

      The government forced Robert Kuok to sell his sugar refinery to Syed Mokhtar by stopping the sugar price to be increased against high rise in the material price and production cost. Once Syed Mokhtar obtained the sugar refinery from Robert Kuok, the BN government straightly allowed the sugar price to be increased!!! If this is not a plot to force Kuok to sell off his refinery, what is this?? Robert Kuok has been helping the nation and the government, yet, this is what he gets in return!! So who is ungrateful here?? After that the government forced him to sell his flour mill, after he refused. They straightly bought Gardenia, who was the largest flour customer for Robert Kuok’s mill, forcing his company to face difficulties. Thus, he was forced to introduce his own brand of bread, Massimo.

      As a result of the forcing by the government. He stepped out from Malaysia, become world’s sugar king instead of Malaysia sugar king, invested USD10b in Indonesia for sugarcane and purchase palm oil from Indonesia, now u all condemning him as ungrateful…. If not because of our government, he won’t stepped out from Malaysia. If he is still in Malaysia, of course he will support local by investing sugar cane farm in Malaysia.

      The fact is just like you have worked well for your boss. But in the end, he fired you for nothing. With a handful of skill,of course you will go to search for job in other companies or even setup your own business!! If you go to interview and get a job in other company and the current boss treat you very well, will you go back to your ex-boss again!? Come on!! This is common sense right!?

  20. Kpopmum62 says:

    I am on Robert’s side. Najib and his bastard cronies ruined Robert’s business and humiliated him in front of the rakyat. I am eagerly waiting for the day Najib falls from grace and UMNO and BN are kicked out of politics. I do hope Robert is alive to see that. Robert did the right thing…..the Najib’s of this world are too stupid to realise payback comes in very sublte ways.

  21. Lionel Chee says:

    Whatever condemnations we target our government, the bottomline is the common people who suffer. Majority of the Malaysians have chosen BN to rule the country, we have to accept the present fate of the country. Don’t cry over spilled milk.

    • DF says:

      In GE13 BN got less than 47% of the popular vote. You call that a majority? Don’t make me laugh. They hang onto power through gerrymandering and resorting to dirty tactics. You should not say things you’re not sure about, it only shows everyone how ignorant you are.

  22. amen says:

    Its a pity Robert Kuok is not the PM of Malaysia… I am definite Malaysia will be way ahead like Singapore or Koreans! Dumnos are destroying this land by the seconds.

  23. amen says:

    Malaysia will prosper tremendously if only we have honest, hardworking, ethical and god-fearing people like Mr Lee Kuan Yew to run this country..

    • malaysiaisgood says:

      amen > honest, hardworking, ethical Lee Kuan Yew …

      You sure bro ??? Democracy is dead in Singapore too …

      Old Malayan people are ruined by the stupid British send from their kingdom.

      There are many good people in leadership in this country, saying Lee Kuan Yew
      is a good leader. I dont think so, Singapore is a pot luck country. Let see what happen to Lee Kuan Yew if he administered Pahang or other state.

      Our country going down just because those stupid BN are still there.
      Our people just starting to learn and understand the democracy way of thinking.

      There are still a bright future for Malaysia.

  24. Ms Coke says:

    Hate to say this..but in the last paragraph “patent owner”??? Coca Cola was NEVER patented. It is protected under the law but it is remained as “trade secret”. Patent will be revoked and anyone can copy after 50 years. If Coca Cola was ever patented..there r many other company making Coca Cola now. Like how Uphamol is brand of Panadol.

    • Erwin says:

      All true dear Ms Coke, however, as you should notice in the very first paragraph, it is stated that this piece has been translated from Mandarin using Google Translate. As such, I do believe the author meant to say that Kuok owns the rights to market and distribute Coca-Cola products in China, and not the actual recipe of the Coke drink.

  25. eric says:

    What I know is we ve been sucking dry by cronies and corruption by the so call 1 Malaysia governed by a bunch of greatest monkeys.. We produce drinks and buy a lot of sugar for production and u tell me.The effect of the story goes on..and again thank you the monkies supporter

  26. It’s interesting for a 2011 post to get so much attention 2 years later. I’ve read a similar article before, it’s pretty mindboggling. Although I’m not too sure about the figures, I can truly understand the situation. It’s similar with the Gardenia vs Massimo case, it involves the same party as well.
    On paper, his organization and him does look like people who honours their word when it comes to business, and in business, once one play dirty with him, he’ll for hell make sure the other party suffer.
    At the end of the day, he is a businessman. Like it or not, he is one bloody hell good of a businessman.

  27. Gnavard Penampang says:

    Actually, Indonesia export of Palm Oil will rise to 12.2 by the end of next quaters. Kalimantan has a large Palm field and reported to be ready for export. My GF is a Chinese from Pontianak and she works in one of the palm companies that received investment from China, headed by Kuok himself. This Blog is not wrong talking about this at all. Only non-economist would deny it.

  28. Vulgar says:

    Regardless what history Kuok had, it doesn’t change the fact that the current fucked up government is fucked up indeed. They forever will be that way. They wouldn’t care about the people. I’ve never seen they have given the people anything without taking back something. I love my country but i fucking hate UMNO-BN-RACISTS-FUCKS

    • Koid says:

      Hello with this kind of attitude, no wonder Malaysian r suffering. Please wake up & get united for the sake of our next GENERATION!!!!!!!

  29. Karma says:

    There is no need to entertain these ignorant “people”, for they too will get a slap/fist full of reality in the face in times to come. I will surely be there to witness this event when the time comes. Patience is always virtue. I’ll be waiting…

  30. Robert Kuok still kept his nationality (probably for the sake of pissing of others for holding the title as the Richest man in Malaysia for so many awful years). AFAIK as of now, a company related to Kuok (Southern Marina Development Sdn Bhd) have a new interest and involvement in Johor; Iskandar Malaysia, like a proud Johorean he is.

    • daniel lee says:

      yes, thats why 2 million or so of the cream have left msia over the last 30 yrs…unfortunately, these idiots in govt can never learn……..they are just too stupid,among other shameful attributes

  31. kung fu panda says:

    woi, know your history facts first, during world war 2 , kouk and family was in the business of supplying army ration for the japanese Army in mersing. he was friendly withe japanese invading army,the same army that rape and kill your Ren in china and malaya.
    He was awarded the sugar monopoly in Malaysia from the 80’s , why??????.
    Oi gundus , it was because he manage to convince Deng Siow peng to stop giving support to Communist Party of Malaya, Oi he screw Chim Peng and your grandfathers, for the sugar Monopoly reward. got many more stories about him . but no point talking about a man who Fuck his on Ren for money
    Know the man, then talk! what bullshit wayang going on

    • oh man u dont have to vent your anger here, kind of pointless really. It a good story bro, one of a kind. Please tell us where you get the story from? cite source?, we all like to hear it. Robert Kuok & his family are very low profile (blacken out by the media), we really like to hear it and do stop using that colourful language it make you sound ignorant.

      BTW regarding your stories, do read forbes interview. Robert Kuok works for Mitsubishi in the late 40′ & Mitsubishi is the main rice imports into the state of Johore. His father got a contract from British Army to supply the rice to Japs prisoner (POW).

    • Rash Vin says:

      Thank you for your information. However, if ur hating him and cussing him just because he supplied army ration to the Japanese army, then please stop. As far as I know, one of our founding fathers was in the Japanese army before the independence. Try not to forget that there are many products that are being used to day in malaysia that are made in Japan or are of Japan brand.

  32. ooiooi says:


  33. media had grown and many news cannot be covered up anymore.. this is the result of bad leadership who only think of bebefiting themselves rather than the rakyat…Shame

  34. J C says:

    Woe to those like BN, who have short memories enhanced with short sightedness. It is only going to get worse and BN must be removed lest they be the rock around the rakyat’s neck that drowns us all.

  35. Barnacles says:

    Good on him for not letting the Malaysian Government halt his success. He’s an inspiration as well as a hero!

  36. wesley wong says:

    Well done, Robert Kuok. I fully support you & your empire. Good bye to M’sia who is so ungrateful to you & yet, don’t appreciate what you have done to this beloved country..! God bless Robert Kuok

    • Winmac80 says:

      “Najib hoped to sign a new palm oil trading contracts with Premier Wen Jiabao to sign in order to more than double the average 10 million tonnes monthly exports to China.”

      What bullshit are you talking about? China’s TOTAL import of palm oil from Malaysian and Indonesia is only around 6 million tonnes in 2012! If they imported 10 million tonnes monthly, we would’ve been super rich from palm oil’s contribution.

      You want to make up stories not to idolize Kuok but you just want to make Najib and BN look bad. If this fact is also wrong, which is published, you expect people to believe to whole story?

      Ah, yes. People will believe, because most of them will just believe whatever anti-BN sentiment being posted despite it is not factually right.

      • daniel lee says:

        figures may be right or wrong…….the point is najib got a slap from CHINA

        and CHINA will deliver more slaps to najib and umno…just wait

        and this corrupt racist umno and najib and his incompetent,corrupt cronies will bring malaysia down to its knees sooner rather than later

        while surrounding countries are growing with the modern world, malaysia with its incompetent and unqualified govt ministers will be going downhill…nothing new here…ever since the evil mahathir started his evil ways…its been on this track, not ever able to go the right way, ..

        ..all this just so that the minority chinese and indians do not progress…they would rather see the country go down the drain, than see the chinese n indian minorities do well

        history and future generations will judge and condemn these imbeciles in umno

      • Koid says:

        Winmac80, Please wake up, dun b so dumb, look around u, with all kind of corruptions going round, dun tell me u dunno. Malaysia rating r falling year by year
        this will speak for itself. the deficit is increasing year by year & yet u r still in the dream land? Please think if u hv the brain.(Sorry I dun mean to hurt u).

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